Reuven Frozen Plain Roaster Chicken Wings 2 kg Fully Cooked Halal - 2
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Reuven Frozen Plain Roaster Chicken Wings 2 kg Fully Cooked Halal - 2 Pack [$17.37/kg]





Plain steam cooked chicken wings, fully cooked, IQF frozen. Fully Cooked Chicken Wings are conveniently packed and consistently sized for exact portions. Straight from your freezer to the fryer, these tender and delicious wings are ready in minutes.


Chicken wings (drumettes, winglets), water, corn starch, soy protein, salt, sodium tripolyphosphate, carrageenan.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 100g

Amount Per Serving

  • Calories180
  • Total Fat11g
  • Saturated Fat3g
  • Trans-Fat0.1g
  • Poly-Unsaturated Fats2.5g
  • Omega6 Fatty Acids2.5g
  • Omega3 Fatty Acids0.2g
  • Mono-Unsaturated Fats4.5g
  • Cholesterol90mg
  • Sodium600mg
  • Potassium240mg
  • Carbohydrates4g
  • Fiber0g
  • Sugars0g
  • Protein15g
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C2.4mg
  • Calcium22mg
  • Iron0.56mg


Contains: Soy. May contains: Milk, Wheat, Eggs, Mustard.


Fully cooked, ready in a few minutes. Made with mild seasoning: ready for you to personalize. 80-100 wings per case. Conveniently packed: 2 bags of 2 kg each per box.

Preparation & Cooking

PREPARATION: Cook from frozen. Deep Fryer: Cook at 350°F (177°C) for 4 ½ minutes. Conventional Oven: Cook at 425°F (218°C) for 14-16 minutes then broil on HIGH for 6 minutes. Combi Oven: Bake at 450°F (232°C) for 12-14 minutes.

Serving Suggestions

Delicious tossed in your favourite sauce or on their own.

Packaging & Storage

Keep frozen