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Kraft Sliced Mild Cheddar Cheese 400 g - 12 Pack [$7.79/pack]





CB SLS MILD CHED (11G) 400G 12


Ingredients: Milk, Modified Milk Ingredients, Bacterial Culture, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Microbial Enzyme, Colour.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 100.0g

Amount Per Serving

  • Calories405.0
  • Total Fat34.5g
  • Saturated Fat22.08g
  • Trans-Fat1.17g
  • Poly-Unsaturated Fats
  • Omega6 Fatty Acids
  • Omega3 Fatty Acids
  • Mono-Unsaturated Fats
  • Cholesterol104.9mg
  • Sodium712.0mg
  • Potassium
  • Carbohydrates0.1g
  • Fiber0.0g
  • Sugars0.1g
  • Protein23.6g
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C0.0mg
  • Calcium712.0mg
  • Iron0.19mg


Contains: Milk.


Cheddar is uniform in colour, slightly translucent with a buttery aroma. It is rindless, bright and has a smooth surface. It is light yellow or orange - coloured, with a firm, smooth texture which is slightly elastic.

Preparation & Cooking

Genuine KRAFT cheddar melts and browns at high temperatures. Mild cheddar has a slow even melt when used as a topping or blended into casseroles or sauces. Medium cheddar melts and grates well, whereas old and extra-old cheddar does not make as good a melt as mild or medium. It is better as eating cheese served alone or with crackers or bread.

Serving Suggestions

The per serving size as per the Mandatory nutritional label is 30g. Slices vary in size from 11g to 21g.

Packaging & Storage

BOX/CARTON Corrugated or Solid Refrigerated (Meat - USDA) 1 to 4 °C / 35 to 40 °F